Area Rugs

Unrolling the Carpet

A new area rug is the easiest, most non-committal way to transform your space. In addition to creating visual appeal, an area rug can also retain warmth, protect your solid floors, buffer noise, and freshen up any decor in a flash.

Considerations to take when choosing your new rug:

1) Size - The size of your room and furniture are the first things to be considered. An area rug that is too small can create a disproportionate look, and one that's too big, well, rugs are easy to adjust but walls are not!


2) Material - What is it you're looking for? Durability in a high-traffic area, long-lasting style, or something more temporary or trendy for a quick change? With many different options from wool to viscose, our sales team can help make the right choice for you. 


3) Custom - If you don't see the perfect rug for you after perusing our wide in-stock selection, we can help you have one made to suit your individual pattern, colour or sizing needs. 

Visit our showroom to check out the largest in-stock selection in niagara!

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