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5 Key statements that we believe about carpet

  1. Nylon is best.

    When you purchase carpet what are you really buying? Fiber!! The biggest component of any carpet is the fiber it’s made out of. Polyester and Polypropelene have their place but Nylon is king. It delivers the best combination of value, durability and softness.   Polyester is often called different trade names to make it sound like nylon (Chromolon, Nextlon).  Don’t be fooled it may cheaper but it will never perform the same as Nylon.

  2. Manufacturer is important.

    There are dozens of carpet manufacturers in North America. We believe that the quality and consistency of production makes a big difference in the long-term quality of your carpet., and are our main partners in carpet. Not only do they deliver top quality carpet but their after-sales service is second to none.

  3. Installing carpet is an art.

    Although there are some loose, general industry standards, there are no hard-and-fast rules with installation. Every project requires a custom installation plan and unique solutions. With that said, our 200-combined years of installation experience make Emporium Flooring an easier choice. We have the knowledge and expertise to make your vision become a reality.

  4. Stainmaster "Pet Protect" may be the best carpet fiber ever!

    Stainmaster’s newest carpet fiber is called Pet Protect. It is soft, stylish and resists stains like no other carpet. The reason behind this is because the fiber is solution-dyed. Typically only commercial carpets have used solution-dyed fiber, so having those characteristics in the carpet in your family room is amazing. We have installed Pet Protect carpet many times over now. The feedback and customer satisfaction has been off the charts! We hope that you will love it too. 

  5. Importance of carpet in design.

    While carpet still remains a popular choice for homes, it is often cast aside for hardwood or laminate flooring. However a home with no carpet is often perceived as cold and lacking the texture that makes a house feel like a home. With all the styles and patterns these days why not add some design and softness to your home?


Some Of Our Trusted Manufacturers:

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